North Carolinians for Change


Lasting impact through collective action

Diverse coalitions advocating for change are building a healthier oral health landscape in North Carolina. There is still a long way to go to create systems where equity can be achieved, and you can help. North Carolinians for Change are NCOHC’s members — a diverse, inclusive group of oral health practitioners, public health professionals, community leaders and members, and other stakeholders who all share a common goal: increasing access and equity in oral health care.


Let’s Talk





Let’s Talk

Collective action drives change, and we want to hear from you. Will you join a focus group and talk about what oral health means to you, and what change you want to see in North Carolina?



Whether you are a healthcare provider, community member, or policymaker, your voice is valuable, and we want to hear from you!

Not sure about a focus group, but have something on your mind? Send us a note at, or leave us a voicemail.

**Tell us your name and a number/email to reach you and we’ll be sure to follow up!

Here’s What We’re Doing

Step 1: We will conduct a series of in-depth focus groups, hearing directly from you about what
matters most and incorporating your ideas into our change agenda.

Step 2: With a diverse, widespread coalition, we will continue to advance positive, tangible change
for the oral health care landscape in North Carolina.



Help Guide Our Collective Voice

NCOHC published its first policy brief in June 2020. While the brief itself doesn’t necessarily reflect NCOHC’s current policy priorities, it does outline a comprehensive list of cost-effective, evidence-based policies that could create a more equitable North Carolina.

Read NCOHC’s policy brief, and let us know what you hope to see change in North Carolina.



Partnership Requests

At NCOHC we love to meet people where they are, whether that be at an event, in your community, or in your office. Let us know how we can partner with your organization.



Upcoming Events

We will continually update this section with upcoming events and other opportunities to engage with NCOHC, your elected officials, and other oral health leaders and stakeholders.