Ask Us: What Should I Do If I Have a Dental Emergency During COVID-19 Outbreak

By Natalie Alms April 27, 2020 Salisbury Post

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SALISBURY—Normally, if you have a toothache, you go to a dentist, clinic or an emergency room, depending on your level of access and health insurance.

Like many other previously normal and taken-for-granted parts of life, thought, the COVID-19 pandemic has scrambled this formula. As the nature of the virus has necessitated social distancing, once reliable aspects of life have become questions. Are dentists even open? If you’re having dental issues, what should you do?

Those with emergencies should call their regular dentist, said TJ Brown, the division chief for Rowan County Emergency Services.

The American Dental Association (ADA) has issued guidelines for dentists to follow during this time. An April 1 announcement recommended that dentists keep their offices closed other than the treatment of emergencies until April 30.

Local dentist Steve Yang says COVID-19 and the changes it has caused is unlike anything he has seen in his 22 years of practicing.

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