Recap: Oral Health Day Webinar

Oral Health Day 2020 is going digital! At NCOHC’s Oral Health Day Webinar on April 29, we announced plans to shift our signature advocacy event to an online format to ensure participant safety given COVID-19. Oral Health Day will now be a two-part event, and we’re bringing part two out of Raleigh and into communities across the state.

The theme for Oral Health Day 2020 will still be teledentistry, with a special focus on its use as a tool to mitigate access gaps in North Carolina. Our main event will still occur on June 3rd.

Part One: Virtual Oral Health Day

Instead of meeting in person, we will convene virtually to learn about teledentistry and its role in equitable oral health care. Speakers will discuss the state of oral health in North Carolina and the shortage areas we must address. They will also demystify teledentistry and describe how it can be used as a tool to bridge our state’s access gaps. Finally, our director will outline policy priorities to increase providers’ ability to incorporate teledentistry into their practices.

Virtual Oral Health Day Featured Speakers

Dr. Bill Donigan, Kintegra Health

Dr. Shaun Matthews, UNC Adams School of Dentistry

Dr. Andres Flores, ECU School of Dental Medicine

Darlene Leysath, The Cornerstone CDC

Bobby White, North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners

TBD, North Carolina Dental Society

TBD, North Carolina Legislature

Part Two: Community Tours

Since we will not be able to visit legislators at the North Carolina General Assembly this year, we have adapted our plan to include community tours of safety net dental clinics later this fall.

We will bring legislators and community members together for tours of Kintegra Health in the west, Green County Health Care in the east, and Piedmont Health in central North Carolina. Each visit will include a tour of the dental clinic, a teledentistry demonstration, and a town hall-style discussion with policymakers.

To Watch the Webinar

For more information, you can watch the full webinar here. If you have further questions, please email us at

Click the timestamps below to jump to a specific part of the webinar.

00:00 Who We Are (Purpose, mission, vision, and strategic pillars of focus)

03:46 Our Team

07:56 About Oral Health Day

10:02 Policy and Advocacy (Why is policy advocacy important, how is policymaking accomplished, and overview of North Carolina’s rulemaking process)

14:50 Change to Rule 16W

17:33 Oral Health Day 2020

18:40 Why Teledentistry?

28:28 New Plans for Oral Health Day 2020

36:45 Recap

38:33 Q&A

Oral Health Day 2020 Webinar

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