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Want to cite NCOHC or use any NCOHC materials?

The good news is that everything on our website is free for you to repurpose and use! We just ask that you cite NCOHC as your source.

How do I refer to NCOHC? You can either call us the “North Carolina Oral Health Collaborative” or “NCOHC,” whichever you choose. When we are publishing anything with our name in it, we usually write out our name on first mention and then abbreviate it after.

  • NCOHC is a nonprofit organization committed to increasing access and equity in oral health care for all North Carolinians.

Can I reuse NCOHC material or information? Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it. You can reprint or reuse any NCOHC material—including graphics, articles, toolkits, etc.—without our explicit permission, as long as you cite NCOHC as your source.

All material on the NCOHC website is copyrighted under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. This means you are free to share any NCOHC material in any format. You can also adapt any NCOHC material for any use, even commercially, as long as you enter your adapted work into the public domain by licensing it under the same Creative Commons license. How do I do this?

If you have any questions about using or citing NCOHC material or Creative Commons licensing, please email Brady Blackburn at brady.blackburn@foundationhli.org. You can also request high resolution images, raw files, or anything else you may need by emailing Brady.