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FHLI Statement Against Racism

FHLI believes racism must end so that everyone in our society can be healthy.

This is, and has been, a deeply ingrained, long-standing belief that is a part of FHLI’s work culture and what we see as our life’s work.

The acts of racism and police brutality — including the murders of unarmed Black people that have taken place recently and throughout Black history in our country — are in direct opposition to this belief.

FHLI pledges that we will employ every resource and mechanism to work towards dismantling racism and the effects it has on Black, Brown, and other people of color.

Through our work, we will:

  • Combat racism in the multiple levels and systems in which it operates.
  • Raise awareness and advocate for change regarding the impacts of racism and discrimination on health.
  • Support leadership at all levels who share our values of inclusion and equity.
  • Use our resources and advocacy networks to identify and address health inequities across North Carolina.

This year has amplified the long-existing inequities in our society. FHLI commits to ongoing internal and external work with our colleagues, our partners, and our communities for solutions to help build a more equitable society.

Collective Impact

NCOHC seeks to resolve consumer-level and systemic barriers to good oral health and accelerate the implementation of policies that reduce oral health disparities. Our approach, sustained in evidence-based strategies, places community at the center of our change agenda.

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NCOHC’s mission is to improve the overall health and well-being of all North Carolinians by increasing access and equity in oral health care through collaborative partnership, advocacy, and education.

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